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Here are a few color possibilities for your very own Eleanor.   The actual possibilities number in the thousands. Of course, a lot of colors would look good with a different stripe accent such as gold, white, silver, etc.   As you can see, your choice of color combinations are endless.

Eleanor Black.jpg (187813 bytes)      Eleanor Bright Blue.jpg (205778 bytes)     Eleanor Bright Gold.jpg (196456 bytes)      Eleanor Bright Green.jpg (204100 bytes)     Eleanor Bright Orange.jpg (210844 bytes)      Eleanor Bright Red.jpg (213476 bytes)

Eleanor Bright Yellow.jpg (223442 bytes)     Eleanor Burgundy.jpg (201591 bytes)      Eleanor Burnt Orange.jpg (207473 bytes)     Eleanor Candy Apple Red.jpg (209654 bytes)      Eleanor Dark Brown.jpg (199492 bytes)     Eleanor Dark Plum.jpg (201724 bytes)

Eleanor Dark Salmon.jpg (188470 bytes)     Eleanor Dark Turquoise.jpg (193134 bytes)      Eleanor Emerald Green.jpg (197228 bytes)     Eleanor Flourescent Green.jpg (219539 bytes)      Eleanor Fushia.jpg (211626 bytes)     Eleanor Grape.jpg (214034 bytes)

Eleanor Hot Pink.jpg (207564 bytes)     Eleanor Lavender.jpg (200652 bytes)     Eleanor Light Camel.jpg (190527 bytes)      Eleanor Medium Blue.jpg (188978 bytes)     Eleanor Midnight Blue.jpg (197264 bytes)      Eleanor Orange Red.jpg (209603 bytes)

Eleanor Orange.jpg (214511 bytes)      Eleanor Original Silver.jpg (55893 bytes)     Eleanor Pale Gold.jpg (201879 bytes)      Eleanor Pale Orange.jpg (204446 bytes)     Eleanor Pale Yellow.jpg (187298 bytes)     Eleanor Playboy Pink.jpg (188724 bytes)

Eleanor Salmon.jpg (182919 bytes)      Eleanor Sandstone.jpg (183675 bytes)     Eleanor Sky Blue.jpg (211338 bytes)     Eleanor Teal Green.jpg (198483 bytes)      Eleanor Turquoise.jpg (213228 bytes)     Eleanor White.jpg (183245 bytes)

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